Possible vector app for apple products


I have not tested or played with this, but it might have some possible uses for vector art/design with the Glowforge. Looks to have SVG output too…



Sounds like it has a lot of wallop, thanks for sharing the link!


Oh wow- just based on a quick glance at some of their imagery, this almost looks like it could be a fusion between photoshop and illustrator- I will definitely be looking into it! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great app.


Goes with the new possibilities with the cameras in the iPhone 7 and the iOS 10.


Great find, I checked out the prices.
You can get all 3 (OSX, Ipad and Iphone app) for less than $42USD.


Autodesk trying to compete with Adobe? I find it funny that the UI looks unsurprisingly like Illustrator…


Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny… :wink:


has anyone tried this out yet?