Poster stand

I go to Maker Faire and such to promote e-NABLE ( and we have dry mounted posters to show off the 3D printed hands, happy users, and how to help connect with us either to make or receive devices. And the Glowforge came in handy for making poster stands. These are sized for 3/16" plywood, since that’s what I had handy, and are a snug fit. Sharing in case anyone else finds them useful. And if anyone is coming to the Orlando Maker Faire next weekend, I’d love to see you!



In case anyone’s into OpenSCAD, here’s the source: The units are mm.

t = 5; // material thickness
r = 12; // radius of corners
h = 100; // height
w = 150; // width

module arm() {
difference() {
hull() {
    translate([r,r]) circle(r);
    translate([w-r,r]) circle(r);
    translate([w/6,h-r]) circle(r);

translate([r,r]) rotate(-15) union() {
    translate([-2*r,2*r]) square([2*r,h]);
translate([w-2*r,r]) square([t,h]);

module cross() {
    difference() {
    hull() {
        translate([r,r]) circle(r);
        translate([w,r]) circle(r);
    translate([r,r]) square([t,h]); 
    translate([w-r+t,r]) square([t,h]); 

translate([w,h+3.25*r]) mirror([1,0]) mirror([0,1]) arm();
translate([0,-2.25*r]) cross();

I’ll see you there!


Very cool project, I’ve looked in the past to 3D printed hands to support the project but have not had time to figure it all out. We used to have a local Lucky Fin group but I don’t think they’ve organized any events in the past year or so.

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One of the nice things about e-nable is there are different ways to help - you can do the full thing or just a part of the whole process by printing parts or assembling or teaching a group (school or Scouts) to assemble or packaging or outreach.

Everyone can help within their own skills comfort zone and all the help is welcomed. Nothing like the face of a kid with his first Capt America themed prosthetic hand knowing they can now play baseball or ride a bike.


Good info, Thanks. My daughter has a ‘Lucky Fin’ but it has not slowed her done one bit. It always amazes me. I originally looked into this as a project her and I could do to help other kids.

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It’s great how resilient kids are. I was surprised to find out how hard it is to do some things with one hand even if you can use your arm & body to pin things (almost impossible to open a bottle of water without wearing some of it). Or that you can’t learn to ride a bike with one hand but once you know how you can ride one with only one hand.

It gave me something I could do with the 3D printer besides making plastic geegaws.


Done! Great design wonderful cause.


I keep thinking there ought to be a way to make a laser cut hand device, which in theory would be stronger and faster to make, but when I get into the details it’s tricky. And, of course, the result would look ‘boxy’. But…

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