Posterboard Settings

I have a client who needs to test designs for a packing insert. I used heavy posterboard, 0.45 mm (0.018 in), white color, bought from Michael’s. The settings that seemed to work the best for a 50% depth score and a good clean cut were:
Score: Speed 500 Power 15
Cut: Speed 250 Power 40
I haven’t tried a lot of other settings for cutting; I found this one while trying scores.
Etching seems to work well at 1000 speed and 10 power at 240 LPI.
Masking does not seem to be required for these settings.


Have you done anything w the poster board to cut shapes all the way out? What settings do you recommend for this?

The settings I used are in my original post under “Cut”. This is for a cut all the way through the material.

I suggest you use these for a starting point as things may have changed in the two years since I did this.

Just tried those settings and they worked just fine. I did end up lowering the score power to 10, but that may have been because I used a different brand/thickness posterboard, the power at 15 went almost clear through on some corners of the test I did. Thank you for taking the time to post these settings!


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