Pot holder

My wife picked up these gorgeous decorative pots last year. Gorgeous, but… totally not a standard size and would fall through the ring pot holders.

I had a horribly hacky solution prior, but the Glowforge enabled an attractive, dead simple, solution. The wood is sealed with a deck sealer, so it should be good in the weather for a while and they are certainly easy enough to replace.

(Yeah, dead simple… but the glowforge made this simple solution possible. Cutting rings like this would have been otherwise quite difficult without some kind of CNC or cutting jig that I don’t have).



Totally agree! (It’s why I bought my Glowforge in the first place!) :smile:


Great job!

I know, right? It’s so cool to be able to whip up a solution on the spot—I did something like that today as well.

I like your display of pots, by the way.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple solution, as long as it works! You have quite a beautiful flower arrangement.

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