Potential GF project: Discbound Notebook Covers

Day dreaming about GF projects and this possible use came up. (I’m a day 24 Pro order and I’ll probably defer until the air filter is ready)

I’m particular fond of discbound notebook systems like Levenger’s Circa or Staples’ Arc but I’ve never been been satisfied with the available covers. They’re either simple but boring polypropylene which are nicely slim, chunky book cloth covered boards that don’t wear well, or fat “executive” leather things with lots of pockets and loops I don’t personally need.

Enter this gorgeous guy:

I was all set to buy until I noticed that they’re non standard sizes. So I set out to modify my existing notebooks.

I found beautiful paper thin walnut veneer at the art supply store and already own an Arc punch for inserts so I thought it would be easy to cut the veneer to fit the polypropylene cover. Mostly went according to plan but a couple imperfections could be solved by the GF.

  1. Covers are slightly larger than insert sheets to better protect them so my punch on the veneer didn’t make the tails quite as long as on the existing cover. (Discbound uses mushroom shaped holes, see photo below)


  1. There’s a little bit of extra punch bite from the next holes on each side

After adhering my walnut to the polypro with Xyron adhesive it does function so I’ll call this 90% successful. But I’m looking forward to using my GF to perfect the notches and add some beautiful engraving for the rest of my notebooks :grin:

Here’s my final test result. Riveted leather strap added because I’m constantly juggling notebook and cell phone in the field. Copper discs on order from Amazon will complete the Pacific and West look.



That’s a fantastic idea…I’ve got one of those disc punching systems and several hundred disks left over. All you’d need would be to duplicate the shape of the punch and you could put a real wood cover on it. :grinning:


Great idea!


I love my discbound notebooks…I wanted to do a wood cover but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Great idea!


It turned out really nice!

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Thanks! Yes it’ll be a super easy Illustrator job to duplicate that cover shape :grinning:


Yes, and the machine makes many things easier. :sunglasses:

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I’m guessing it would be a terrible idea to try to make a press/jig to cut the paper.

Not a terrible idea but the punch from Staples is only $30 and punches a dozen sheets at a time so maybe not the most economical use of laser tube time to cut large quantities of paper :grinning:


I have a punch but I would love it even more if someone managed to find a template to LASER CUT the discbound edges. Anyone create or find one yet?


Stacks of paper are a serious risk for fire, and doing them one at a time would be incredibly tedious. I don’t know that GF is the best tool for this particular purpose. :wink:

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No no!!! Not for the paper!! For making a thicker wooden cover than the punch could cut though cleanly :slight_smile:

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Might be tough to get the disks into a wooden cover - those disc punches cut out a shape that requires the cover material bend. (I thought about it a while back and nixed it for that reason.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Love notebook projects. Thanks for the write up.

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