Pour Over Coffee Filter Holder

This is actually a Glowforge remake of an earlier Carbide3D Nomad make. This one also has a little bit of Nomad in it for the Aluminum plate. If you wanted, you could make the floor out of something else and put it in there with mortise and tenon rather than the engraved groove.

The filter holder it holds up fits into a 2.9in diameter hole which appears to be specific to this one (it comes with a mug that fits it nicely). So the design will require some tweaking in order for it to work for you.


The mug engraving is one I drew in order to learn Inkscape and is the main reason I didn’t do a circular design with perpendicular supports (because I wanted to put my drawing somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:.

coffee_mug.zip (10.4 KB)


Another decorative but useful item—thanks!

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