Poured Resin Map

The Glowforge part was simple. Getting the right amount of detail on the map without all the labels was… well… challenging. But the epoxy? Oy!

First I ran into parts where the color from the epoxy bled into the wood (seal any wood you don’t want to soak up color!) Then I got parts that didn’t cure properly (DO NOT scrape the last of the epoxy out of the cup!) Then the layers of wood separated and leaked (Make sure you have all of the edges well-glued before you pour!) But luckily maps can also be green, and epoxy is pretty forgiving if you’re willing to sand it and pour again (and again…and again…) Plus, when you sand the epoxy exposed edges of your now green wood get slightly sanded and it sort of looks a little like you MEANT for there to be a beach there…

But after almost 2 weeks on-and-off I’ve finally stopped working on my first epoxy/glowforge map of the northern New Jersey Shore:

Oh - and since I’m sure someone will ask, it’s 11"x17"


Man, you have really been exploring all the things!
After working with metal and stone in jewelry for a couple of decades the laser opened up so many more material possibilities for me to play with. :sunglasses:


Looks great

Gorgeous - and the garden state should definitely be green :slight_smile: I love the dock though! So delicate

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I salute your persistence. You should be really proud of this.

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I like it. Its a nice size too.


Nice map! There is usually a way out of most disasters … looks like you found yours!

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I like it. I like that it isn’t crystal clear and factory consistent. Looks more like art