Powder that leaves coloring

Hey, so i don’t know if anyone has ever done that in the past but, as my title says, i was wondering if anyone here has ever used some powder or something of the sort, so that whenever you engrave it with your Glowforge, it leaves a coloring to the item itself. I remember using a 1:1 mix of laser marking powder and alcohol on stainless tools like utensils, but that only left a black coloring to them.

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I think you are looking for the holy grail, I hope you find something and share the info.


Here is a post that may be of interest to you: Using laser printer toner for color fill - #2 by smcgathyfay


I’m almost positive that I remember seeing that Cermark makes some marking spray that does colors…but upon doing a quick search, I couldn’t find anything. I did find this though…might be worth a look.


YEA, truly the holy grail! - i have emailed with one of the laser marking people about offering it. and they ‘are studying the marketability’ (sigh) sometimes I wished I had a chemistry degree instead of sleeping all thru high school.


Laser toner was not a bad idea. I’d like to see how that works on metal.

The plastic powder used for powder coating might be worth playing with too, if it’s laser-safe anyway.


For those interested in marking stainless tools like utensils and such. I’ve been able to do so with the said laser marking powder solution by spreading it on the surface. I don’t have a picture of what the end result is like but, it gives out a nice black finish over it which looks nice and doesn’t wash away after rubbing it in the dish washer. :smiley:
EDIT: if you wish to make the process a little easier. I recommend you to make a thick enough frame so you can fit your tool in repeatedly and tape it at the bottom of your glowforge so you can fit your tool in repeatedly. I made over 300+ utensils and it was supeeeer easy.


I had searched for something like this and only found outrageously expensive products from Australia.

Of interest:

Of great interest:


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