Power Capabilities?

What are the anticipated power capabilities?

  • What thickness plastic can I cut / etch ?

.What thickness wood can I cut / etch ?

. Cut I cut metal ? How thick ?

  • Can I etch / engrave in steel ? How deep ?

I’m interested in this info as well… I’m waiting with baited breath for the official release info. :smiley:

Detailed information is coming with our launch on Thursday!

I would like to see come clarification on this topic, especially on the depth of engraving possible on different material.

I’ve seen on a number of other community posts that it is not possible to engrave on steel with a 40-45w laser. All of the answers to this have been provided from other users and no one from GF has contradicted this or added any real clarification.

References to Thermark and similar products only produce an etched result from what I understand based on the respective company websites and this is not engraving.
The term ‘engraving’ implies a level of depth to the marking that goes beyond mere etching and should be quantified.

Hmmm… we need to update the FAQ with some of the detailed answers we’ve been writing out for support emails (all 4,000 of them). Sorry about that!

TLDR: no material removal for metals; some bleach (aluminum) and some require thermark.