Power outage


If you are in the middle of a print and a breaker should trip does that cancel the job, or will it just resume?


Power goes out and the GF stops immediately where ever it was. No lights, no movement. Everything resets when the power comes back on. The unit goes through a full calibration and waits for a new job. (Hopefully)


Power is sketchy around here so I have mine on a UPS same with the 3d printer. Won’t save it if out for an hour but great for brown out and on and off type fails.


Yes, a great idea to have a UPS, I have one on each of my monster PC’s.
When you invest in something like this, you can’t just leave it to chance.
SO worth it. ( specially where you can have a black out or a brown out CALI )


and all it would take, i’m guessing, is a little blip, which a UPS will weather.


Anyone have the link handy to the specs on how many watts the GF uses when running?


This has been discussed before, and it was concluded that backing up both the Forge and the filter is not possible with a sub-multi-hundred-dollar UPS. Fortunately, the filter has its own plug, so you can get away with each machine plugged into its own UPS. You’ll probably still lay out multiple hundreds of dollars for the pair, though.


GF by itself was listed as 800w peak and avg ~300w when running (per the FAQ on the main page)


UPS’s are very sensitive to peak wattage and will trip off quickly if the max is exceeded even briefly. So don’t size the UPS on average wattage!


Put a romper on it.

My UPS wears a romper, never trips.


I’m so gullible. I started googling for an electrical device called a romper.




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Full disclosure: that’s a stock photo from the internets, and not my actual UPS guy… but he does wear a romper!


Wait That is definitely a fake UPS guy. He’s carrying the package upright.


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Ouch, that’s quite a lot. Yes you’d need some hefty UPS to handle all that with plenty of buffer.


selfosophy anyone?


some light reading:


You can pick up some fairly inexpensive enterprise style (rack-mount) UPS’s and then simply replace the worn batteries at your local batteries plus or similar outlet. Check your local public surplus as they are out there ALL the time.

Search for ‘battery backup’ on www.publicsurplus.com

Disclaimer: I have no tie to public surplus, I just buy a bunch of garbage I don’t need there.