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Good to be here too :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


OCD much???



I’m delighted to see you again.
I was hoping you were well and thriving.
How’s your house?
Is the infant into preschool yet?
Did your fiance become your wife? or is that still on the horizon?

Welcome back to the forums.


The house is good - we are juggling the options of buying or expanding. Tons of work still to do and almost all of it is on hold.
My daughter isn’t yet (still a bit too young even for our local VPKs) . We had a “May the Fourth be with you” baby boy that is doing well.
Aaaaaaand My wife and I are happily married (twice, in the same weekend btw… long story).


Sounds like congratulations are due all around! I’m glad things are working out according to plan so well! :grinning:


You are funny :wink:

In all seriousness we are managing well and I really appreciate the congratulations! I have an awesome family :slight_smile: