Power source suggestions?

I want to use alternate power for my basic GF. Options: solar, generator, batter pack. What have you guys experienced?

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Nothing other than the grid. I am another slave to it.

As far as a generator, I would feel ok running it through an inverter generator like the Honda, Harbor Freight Predator, etc . that are pure sinewave inverter generators.


I have used mine with my inverter generator, but I wouldn’t risk it with a regular generator.

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As far as solar and battery pack (essentially the same thing), it kind of depends on the set up. Like, is this an existing whole house set up? Building one specifically to run the Glowforge, or?

The big thing will be the bank and making sure that you have adequate amp hours capacity (and reserve) to run it how you want. Being 12v, you’ll need around 60Ah per hour of planned usage.


I am guessing that you are also thinking about your wifi soution. Don’t forget that.

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My guess is that the whole house, etc. would need to be off-grid and you would need a fair expense to get there. When extra weight ceases to be an issue there are many options but the energy for the Glowforge becomes one of the more minor issues,

I’ve not run it off a generator or UPS, but the machine is just a computer with some motion control and gas-discharge lamp. It has a pretty good quality internal power supply, the source just needs to be relatively stable.

If I needed to run it off-grid, I’d have a UPS between it and the generator, unless you’re talking about a whole-home style unit designed for extended power outages or complete off-grid use, like an RV/boat.

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