Power Supply for Hi-Speed Lighting

Turns out I misread the specs of my hi-speed film lights and was running them too low. Adding a couple volts makes quite a difference, but it was just too much juice for my 10A power brick. So I got a new power supply and made a quick box for it, with tripover tails (bend and pull out vs snap off). My plan was for the tails to push back inside the case a bit, so I made those holes larger, but there’s not enough clearance inside the front face. Oh well.

Anyway, the old box was leftover cabinetry wood, and not a great design. This one’s PG cherry with a smoked top. Not perfect. Not flashy. But not terrible for an afternoon of effort.

I do wish that I’d added a 3rd output. If I get another light, I’ll need to make a whole new front panel. Duh.


Really nice design and execution! I really like the mixed media element…


Looks great with the see-through top! :grinning:


Very nice!

Great job!

Very nice looking box