Powered up with Nikola Tesla Tower

We feel the electricity buzzing.
A tribute statue of the brilliant Nikola Tesla. The front plate is a drawing of his engine encasement and the backing plate is the iconic power tower. We dig how the lightning bolts turned out coming out of the top.

This started out as a 3d engrave test run and then the rest of it we just conjured up on the fly and built around the portrait plate. There is something nice about giving a piece a bit of ‘chunk’ (depth) by stacking plates up to make more of an object. Glowforge is a champ at making this happen. You can pre-plan it or just take something existing and create a casing around it. Display it amongst some of it’s known context and you’ll double the interest in the piece.

Here are more detail shots of the project.

Where Design Comes From - WDCF


Wow! Gorgeous design, and very fitting tribute! :grinning:


That’s pretty awesome.

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Another fabulous design! Your engraving came out great and the setting is so appropriate.

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That looks fantastic! Love the layers.

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I just finished reading “The Last Days of Night”, which is a historical fiction, in which Telsa has a big role (as well as Edison and Westinghouse). It was a really good read.

Your design looks great. I love the crosshatching scores on it. They really add to the finished product.


Beautiful engrave! Amazing idea, nice work!

Really like that faint guilloche texture on the front casing.

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Great design. Love everything about this.

I vectorized the Tesla radio logo. I have it somewhere…


Such an amazing piece!