Practical cuts

Rubber band replacement:


Nice rounding on the corners. Router, sander, or by hand? Tell us your secrets, we must know!


I knew it was perfect. Now I know why.

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that’s very much on my to-do list. but may not happen until after xmas.

Thanks! The Uno box was made from 1/8" birch plywood and wood glue. I sanded the edges and corners then finished it with some boiled linseed oil.


Fractional drill bit organizer:


Minimalist Ruler. Inspired by these $30 areaware glass rulers that I was lusting after. I used 1/8" proofgrade acrylic and did very light scores at 125/4 to minimize the risk of breaking along the score line and to get a finer mark.

Hard to take pictures of it but you might get a better idea from the SVG preview:



That’s pretty cool, but I have no idea how to use such a thing. Is there a niche use?

A Nespresso capsule holder… with a nerd touch.


That’s awesome Rodrigo, I was wondering why we hadn’t seen any of your stuff yet! :grinning:


Sorry, I’ve not had much time to play with Highlander, but I’ve done some stuff. I will post them soon



The first transparent ruler I saw was for marking seams on fabric for sewing. But you can also get similar rulers for drafting, like this one.

It’s really easy to draw margins with this kind of ruler because you just align the marks with the edge of the page and draw the line, like this:

When drawing a lot of panels for comics a transparent ruler is nice too because you can easily size your rectangles and create consistent margins without measuring twice every time.

I also use it for tracing things. Like, in this case, I was trying to copy a feature of a takeout container so I put the ruler on top, took a picture with my phone:
Then placed it in illustrator and sized it using a 1"x1" square as a reference.

So yeah, kind of niche, and very analog but a slight improvement over traditional rulers.

I draw a lot and I also grew up amidst my mother’s drafting supplies before architects had much access to CAD software, and I played a lot with her rulers, there were so many! Now I’m kind of enjoying that I can make my own, like this circle ruler I just cut:


On a deeper level of the ruler rabbit hole, this is the next ruler I want to make, it is based on the Open Structures Grid, which is a set of design guidelines to create modular components. But the answer is getting long so I guess that’s a topic for another post :wink:


Thanks for the explanation! I see how that could be quite useful.


I especially like the scaling trick. Very nice.

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By the way, I found myself in precisely the same predicament as you were a few weeks ago. I remembered when you posted this clever idea and did the same thing myself. It worked great and saved me a trip to the store to buy a tool I’ll almost. Thanks for sharing that!


I have this 3 1/2 inch cordless saw. My neighbor has the same tool. He showed me how to use 4 inch cutting wheels on it with a janky old metal washer he dilled as a makeshift adapter ring. So I made these delrin adapter rings that work way better and gave him a bunch. They work perfectly.


Logitech M570 mouse stand

So after finally receiving my Glowforge my friend came to me with a project idea. He recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery and needed a mouse stand to relieve the pressure on his wrist while using his mouse all day at work. He couldn’t find one with enough angle to his liking. He also didn’t want to spent the money on a new fancy mouse so I made this up for him in about 30 mins. Worked so well I made myself one. So far we are both enjoying using it.


my personal mouse of choice. In fact, I have two.

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LOVE IT!!! Very practical, but stylish.

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I made mounting tabs for my laser warning sign. Engraved counter-sinks on the front, and 3-passes over half of the backside, so I can swap out signs when I need to.