Practical gift tag idea, a back scratcher

I love all the gift tags people have been sharing, they are so festive and a great keepsake. However, I run an adult foster care home and we have 12 clients in a 6 bedroom farmhouse…it gets a little small sometimes.

I really wanted to personalize as much of Christmas as possible for the people we serve but I really want to rein in the hording too. Here’s my solution, personalized back scratchers. I’ll put them in their stocking…so I know who’s is who’s and its something I’m happy they will keep.

This photo is the test I made with my name. ( Can’t violate HIPPA now can I)

I got these back scratchers at Walmart for a buck. The tag offers zero material information so I measured it with my glowforge measuring tool (thanks for that) and converted the 1/4 inch to .25, used 750 speed, 100 power, and 270 LPI and the font is one included in Word ( Curlz MT)

Mine as a single item took 8 min 22 sec. I was able to fit 6 on the tray comfortably and using the same specifications and font, this round says it will take just over 41 min. Not bad at all.

Also, I think I should mention I didn’t use any tape or protective covering on the wood. I got a little bit of schortching but I personally like it and think if gives a vintage look.

Thank you for reading and I hope this gives you more ideas for gift tagging.


That’s a great idea!


A very thoughtful gift, and nicely done. :slight_smile:

I’m going to move this over to “Beyond the Manual” so the non-PG settings can stay for other people who might want to try it!


Thank you! I just realized thats where I should have posted.

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Wondering if you have a link for these back scratchers online, or if they are only available in-store in your area. I can’t find any for less than about $6 each. There is one that looks like what you used, and it’s actually listed for $6.99.

Thanks for doing what you do. Anyone who looks after adults or fosters, gets my vote for good samaritan. I’m not advanced enough to try this yet; but, what a great gift and idea! Thanks for sharing.


I can’t find them on so they might not be a regular item. The ones I found online have a roller on the handle and this one doesn’t. I will check with the store and get a photo of them in the display on Friday.

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Gifts that could violate HIPAA make me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yeah, I’m familiar with HIPAA.

Nice job and great idea!


So here’s the font I made for the men in the house. This photo is my son’s and he loves the font…Colonna MT.
One thing I want to mention is how amazingly smart this unit is… I saved the backscatter setting and doing the round today was a snap!


Excellent idea!

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Do you have a Daiso near you? They’re $1.50 there.

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I asked 2 Walmart’s near me and both they said the $1.00 backscatters are seasonal…:frowning: but here is the display photo. I hope it helps anyone who wants to find them at their Walmart. !


My back only itches in the Spring.