Practical Prints

No pictures, unfortunately. But I was installing a new storm door yesterday and because of the size, I needed to shim both sides of the frame. It called for 1 inch x 80 inch shims. Now, I could have gone to my garage and found old crap plywood and cleaned off the table saw and cut it that way. But you have to know my garage. It is more of a huge storage shed with literal junk just thrown into it. It serves better purpose as home to racoons, birds, wasps, and spiders.
I thought “Hey, I spent a gazillion dollars on a laser!” So I got into the GFUI and made 0.9 x 10 inch strips and printed them out of leftover plywood and draftboard. Voila! 20 minutes later and I was done…and still clean…and not stung or bitten. Thanks GF.


This is the kind of stuff I love hearing about - stupid simple ways to utilize the GF - like the door stop that Dan showed in this month’s update. I do this kind of stuff all the time!


Awesome!! Love the practical cuts!


:100: for practical prints and another :100: for good use of scrap!


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