Practice Audio Console

Ok so to a lot of people this is probably a pretty odd thing. 12 faders that are spaced identically to a digico live sound console. I mix ‘Broadway Style’ musicals on tour and the process of learning how to mix a show can be very involved requiring you to read a script while listening and performing quick fader moves. Many people use quarters to represent the faders when practicing outside of the theatre, I opted to use the tools I had at hand to create a portable ‘wireless’ console.


Love it!

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Oh now this is interesting. First of all, what a cool project, very much not the normal GF use. Love it.

What’s the back like?

It’s not exactly Glowforge related but can you show an example of how this is notated? Maybe a page of sound direction instructions? Curious what you’re starting with.


Great idea and definitely a use I wouldn’t have thought of, but one that other people are gonna want to copy now. :grinning:


Really great … Looks great … Serves a purpose … Used the Glowforge. Perfect!

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I actually made two of these, one sold to a friend. The second one has an acrylic back…The most difficult part of the project was getting the amount of friction correct so acrylic vs. plywood was a try at that. They both needed some teflon spray to really get the feel right. Here is a photo of the acrylic one that also show’s off the design on the inside.

The fader caps are 3d printed to match the actual faders on the console.

Here is an excerpt of a script from a show I used to mix:

If you google line by line musical mixing you’ll probably find videos of people doing this style of mixing. For my latest show I got a top down video of someone mixing the show to study.


Brilliant. :+1: