Practice Lap? Preview where the cut will be

I’d love to be able to run a practice lap with a visible laser so I can preview where my cut path will fall.

Not sure if the laser itself is capable of doing this, but it would be nice especially when I’m pushing the limits of the material/cut bed.

Just create a light score setting that doesn’t make it thru the masking.


A light score with a power level 5 or below with max speed should leave a light line but not cut through the masking.


The Glowforge doesn’t have a pointer aligned with the actual laser, so that wouldn’t be possible. It does have a “red dot”, but that’s at an angle and used for measuring the material height.


This was my assumption but it’s mostly a feature request or maybe a suggestion for future models. I think the really low power score that others suggested is a great idea.

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Thanks @elfyguy and @jamesdhatch for the score suggestion. I think I Will give that a try.

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Your question was answered already but I had to let you know I misread the title as “practice lap? Preview where the cat will be” and thought it a very interesting concept, indeed. And… time to go to sleep.


If you could hack the machine so the red laser stays on, you could provide entertainment for the cat for hours?


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