Pre-finished hardwood sources (like Proofgrade-esque)?

Hi! Are there any sources of pre-finished hardwood out there besides :proofgrade:?

I like :proofgrade: of course, but I’d prefer a bit thicker than 1/8" if possible. Thanks!

Or any news on thick hardwood from :proofgrade:???

depending on your local plywood dealer, most can get if not have prefinished plywood on two sides. they will usually be in 1/4" and a poplar core versus MDF. the one thing to consider is that you’ll likely have to purchase them as a full sheet, and the grade of the veneers can be lower then traditional cabinet grades. so make sure to ask about the face veneer grade. I hope this helps.

They were asking about hardwood.

For what little I use, I get it at my local Rockler which is 10 minutes away, or Lowes/Home Depot - but none are pre-finished.

There are many online sources, you can use the search feature above and find the dozens of previous discussions.

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I couldn’t find anything about pre-finished hardwood sources :frowning:

I’ve used prefinished hardwood flooring with good results engraving and scoring. Most is too thick to use the tray.

You might try
They have what they call hardwood strips that are finished on one or both sides. Thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/4".

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Hmm looks like that might be good, but seems I’d need to have some kind of business ID to apply for an account. I guess I can check into that.

A true, hard-core hobbyist can always find a way around the wholesale requirement! :slightly_smiling_face: