Pre-Glowforge Projects



This is a Laser Lace project I did at Fab Lab in Flint Michigan. I used their Epilog Laser.
I cut the same file 3 times shrinking it so I could see where the resolution broke down. It cut good on all three but the smallest is very fragile.


Beautiful!! I love it!


That’s a clever way to experiment, and it came out nicely!


Very pretty! Are they made of paper?


That’s lovely.


And yes, as you discovered…at some point even though you see the lines on the screen, the width of the laser beam overlaps and vaporizes it…:smirk:
I have a standard width of .03125" when I cut stencils on polyester film (mylar) for any bridges or space between cut lines, otherwise it will break.

Stenciling magic

Yes, they are cut out of paper. I used water color paper. I probably had the power too high because of the scorch marks but it was an experiment,.


Glad to see someone else in Southeast Michigan :slight_smile:

Very nice experiment.


You’re not too far from me (but I’m across the border, haha).


Sometimes I look south across the river to see my friends in Canada :astonished: