Pre-Release | Another New Material: Grunge Paper

I just wanted to whip up something to put on my sister’s birthday gift for this weekend (already made her an edge lit Happy Birthday sign). So I was leaning toward handmade flowers, and of course I wanted to use the Glowforge. I flirted with the idea of making them out of leather, but knowing my sister they would end up in the trash after opening the gift (she’s not into saving stuff; that’s fine). So I decided to use Grunge Paper from Ranger instead. It is made from recycled paper and has a texture and thickness very much like thin leather, and you can do pretty much the same things to it. Great for prototyping leather things.

I designed the tripetal pieces in Illustrator with the little squiggly edges using the ZigZag filter. Cut out of Grunge paper (cuts like butter).

Then colored with leather dye, stacked a couple, deformed them a bit, and put in a rhinestone brad to hold them together.

Stuck them to the package with thick glue dots, and there you are:

You should really give Grunge paper a try.


wow that is lovely,:heart_eyes: and It looks like leather but disposable :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never heard of grunge paper, I’m going to check it out!


I swear, the resources just keep coming. THANX!


I’ve used Grunge paper in the cutters (with some difficulty on some of them). Hadn’t even given it a thought for the laser use! :grin::+1::hedgie:


I LOVE me some grunge paper!! There is so much that you can do with it!


Pretty nice paper! Thanks for sharing.


Yeesh. Yet another thing on the queue of materials I’ve never heard of that I nowneed to try. That is awesome, and I bet it smells way better than lasered leather too…


As long as you like the smell of charred paper! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They look super great @cynd11 and doing them by hand would be a little time consuming. Just whip out the laser and taser some paper. And totally unique. You guys on this forum, oh you guys just keep putting awesomeness out there.


Very cool, thank you for sharing this!

Great idea to prototype with this … how thick is it compared to leather (i.e. more similar to the 2-3 oz PG, or??).


I think it is closest in size to the thinnest (1.5 oz?) PG leather. I believe they make a Grunge Board that is thicker but I don’t know if it is flexible like this is.


Eh! They’re nice.

Those look great! I’ll have to give the grunge paper a try. Here’s another post about “fake” leather - though, this stuff may be more expensive:

I ordered the $17 sample pack and have played around with wetting it and scrunching it. Great stuff - looking forward to lasering it:


Well, that’s fantastic!

Thanks for the reference–I’ll check it out!

This intererested me, too. Looked on Amazon, and specifically at the link that @cynd11 provided. I was hoping for free shipping, so not sure that’s where I’ll order from. Hopefully, I can find some locally to try.

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Love the look of this and would love to try some out myself if I can find a decent source. Great work, cynd!

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I’ve seen it in Hobby Lobby on occasion, in the Tim Holtz section.