Pre-Release | Bioshock pt 2 - Mixed Material Plaque

So I already told you guys a friend of mines birthday is this weekend and she loves Bioshock. What better excuse to make something on a laser?! So I decided to take the bioshock logo and just put her name inside it instead.

Here’s the original:

Had to put her name in, and fix all the light rays behind it.

Time to burninate!

It has rivets around the edge, so why not actually make those something?

I’ll make those tiny little pillars which I can mount an engraved acrylic window over the top if she wants a super fancy coaster instead.

So many pegs, and one of the most useful tools in my arsenal - the poker thingy

It took a couple tries to get the kerf correct. Different for different materials. And these things were tough to get in. You want it to be tight, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit. That’s ok, just pull it out a little, dab some superglue and smash it back in. Good times.

Next is to make another copy of the design and reverse it for the acrylic engraving. (I forgot to reverse the holes and had to do it again. Who doesn’t make holes symmetrical?! - OCD)

And time for weeding (long intermission)

Ok we’re back

Looking good, maybe a little more

Sehr gut

Everythings all cleaned up! Lets see how they look


Oh, she will be thrilled! It came out fantastic! Very nice job on the name switch–the toughest part of the job I’ll bet.


Awesome job! (Yeah, she’s gonna freak!) :grin:


Wow, that looks fantastic. I love the mixed material look.


Working with multiple layers like this is really awesome. It can create great effects !


Boy I wake up to this😳

Wow did you work all night?

@takitus does more before 9am than most people do all day!!!

That is so wonderfully awesomely fantastically AWESOME!!

Ok I know I used awesome twice, but the second time was all caps!

Thanks so much for the time you are taking to share your creative process and the pictures and all that you are doing!!!:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Really really fun …love the idea of the acrylic on top…yay ! :+1:


REAL nice work there. There’s something to be offered from so many angles!


Extremely cool! I have the bioshock logo on my “todo when glowforge comes” list but as it is as a wall decoration. But I must say the coaster idea is a good one as well. And the name change makes it a really cool gift!


That is one serious coaster. Dan’s original line, make beautiful things, is what hooked me. I consider the promise fulfilled.


Wow, just Wow!

This is really nice work. What a luck friend to have you making things like this.


Very cool! Professional job in design and execution. :sunglasses:


Thank you! It was definitely some work. Getting the pegs right was some experimentation as well. Im still working on a final solution for the top piece. I was going to glue it down originally, but now that I decided I want to keep it removable I might just engrave them a little more deeply and widen them a bit to let it just kinda sit on it more snugly.


The mixed materials look awesome and definitely add that something extra.


That is excellent! Beautiful work!


Wow! This is SUPER RAD! It is one of my favorite GF projects yet!

The things people have been making with the GF pre-release keep blowing my mind!

Great write up – “Time to burninate!” - ha!

Oh, and kerf? The kerf is going to get me.

Was this project all done on Proofgrade?


Thanks you!

No, most of it was, but I needed some 1/4" acrylic for the standoffs so I just used some smoke colored acrylic I had sitting around. I originally made the standoffs out of MDF, but they snapped really easily, so I went with acrylic. The kerfs are completely different. It took a couple tries to get it just right, luckily cuts take seconds, so not much of a huge time sink.


It needs light! Oh please light it up!!

BTW, I need to play Bioshock :relaxed:


I originally designed this to be lit and controlled, but as we have to be there tonight I just didnt have enough time to get everything together.

The holes are big enough to fit LEDS in them, and would light the acrylic on top as well. There are some tweaks that I want to make to this, and hopefully will return to it sometime in the future to do a v2 =).


And THIS is a fabulous example of why I climbed aboard this movement. The ability to CREATE instead of laboring in set-up. Excellent job in making something a friend will treasure.