Pre-Release | Butterflies are cool



Supplies: 12X12" Cardstock
Op time: 8 mins 33 sec

So after the announcement yesterday about low power pew’ing. I did a couple tests. I was impressed. My wife was over the moon. And this is because with the Cameo & the Curio it can’t do small tightly spaced intricate cuts. The drag knife just makes a mess of things. But with light, there is no ‘drag’ per-say.

Thou this post does not demo that but the results are pretty cool. And so are butterflies btw.

AI. (Nothing fancy, I just grabbed this from my wife’s Silhouette folder)

Low power pew’ing (mini pew?)

End results.

Basically, yesterday felt like finding a secret level in Zelda. The power of software (& hardware)

Well done @staff, Well done.

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Discussion of (early!) July update

Two things. One, I’m so impressed that looks awesome. I can’t wait to start! Two… Zelda had secret levels?! I feel like such a scrub…


I love the effect of that butterfly. Beautiful!

ᴾᴱᵂ ᴾᴱᵂ


Cutting cardstock is going to be so much better now! No replacing blades all the time. The engraving is just icing on the cake.


Beautiful. This is the most exciting new feature for me. I want to see more of the scoring possibilities!


This is fantastic! And, you just quickly threw it together? Whoa.


Beautiful :blush:


Amazing! I can’t wait to get home and try this!



I love the 3-d ness of the butterfly! Well done. Oh, the possibilities!!


Bookmarked!! So awesome


Okay, that’s just cool.


So cool. I love seeing the amazing stuff you create.


Rad!!! I really appreciate the irreverent poetry of “butterflies are cool,” too. :joy:


Next level for sure


I love your card. The intricate cut on the butterfly is fantastic. I haven’t gotten my GF yet. I am so thrilled. Can I ask what settings did you use as I expect to use card stock a lot. That’s amazing how it engraves like that on the cardstock.