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Yes. I hate putting text on a curve. I just can’t see it right until it’s too late. I copying this from some bar glasses that my brother-in-law got made so I redid the design. And the dot throws the balance but evidently I have to have it in the logo for authenticity’s sake, so they say. It went on a bamboo cutting board. So I’ll tweak it for the next job.

And then I saw this tonight on Craigslist. Close to me in St.L. @cynd11? what do you think? Needs rollers, but evidently you can source parts.


Wow, what a find! Go for it–I’ll bet you could do the coasters on it. @jkopel could probably help you with making plates for it in the Glowforge.


oh man, you gotta


If I didn’t just by the Prusa, it would be a done deal. If it is still available next month, perhaps after I do a little more research on its condition and availability of parts. I’ll contact the seller and see. There seems to be a robust network of Kelsey fans and one site that seems like they are setting up for any parts you need. New rollers would be about $180 but these folks haven’t updated their web site for a while. I guess I’m going to have to delve into the world of antique letter press.


That looks like a nice and mostly complete press for a decent price. They are not uncommon if you can wait, so don’t feel too bad about letting it go. I bought my wife a 5x8 Kelsey and it started her down a letterpress rabbit hole of epic proportions and inky darkness. :smile:

Excelsior is a good link, that place is legendary. Also check out which is the main letterpress forum.
Beyond rollers you would need a boxcar style aluminum base to hold Glowforged plates. I have been thinking about making some once I get my hands on a glowforge, so keep in touch.


Thanks. Trying to decipher the press from the two photos. I can’t identify all the parts of the roller carriage, so I am not sure. I do have too many irons in the fire, but having a press for some Glowforge engraved plates would be quite the dynamic duo here!


Such a great idea!!! Thanks for the links! I’m gonna have to try this!


Do those machines do embossing and printing, or just printing? If you made plates on a Glowforge what would you make them out of?


I would mainly use it for printing. I’m figuring linoleum. I could probably make some type of roller press or just use my cider press, but it’s fun to dream and I’ve been on the lookout for a press.

Not sure about the embossing, but in a press you can vary the impression by the packing you place under the draw sheet where you lay the paper to be printed.


I’m absolutely delighted with this… I tend to think of things you can make with your Glowforge, rather than producing the tools to produce.


@marmak3261 Did you get the multi-material kit? You must’ve… It’s (almost) top of my priority list.


No multi. There is an even longer backorder for that and I would have needed either one more funeral or wedding to make the cost.:smile:


Hey @rebecca. I’ll give you your topic back. How was this red rubber? Stinky? Was it easy to engrave or need lots of power. How well did it cut? My natural rubber is pretty tough.


Oo, that’s a pity. Well at least you could add it later if you want to. The 4x multi-material on that printer is unique in FDMs as far as I know. And they seem to have pulled it off really well and at an affordable price. I imagine printing 3 colour objects with pva supports…
(Sorry, don’t mean to hijack the thread here)


I love this project! I have been wanting to try out using the GF for wood cut prints, but haven’t gotten to it yet. (I was thinking maybe fore Chirstmas cards.) It looks great! I am definitely going to try this.


Do it. 6x10 is a pretty good size. And FWIW rollers are something of a consumable – even when the rods don’t go, you still need to recast every few years/decades. (They used to be made of “composition”, which was glue and gycerin and stuff and needed different ones for winter and summer, but now they’re urethane or silicone.)


I found a 4x6 inch stamp pad at Michaels Crafts. It was a good deal because I had a 50% off coupon. I included a link to the ink in my original post to the brand of ink I used.


It is orange rubber. Why orange, I dunno. I could not really smell the rubber during the print.

I used 100% power for the cut.


Oh nice, send it to me AN HOUR after I left michaels and just finished a stamp you inspired me to make… haha.