Pre-Release | Coaster Stamp



My friend wanted me to print out some coasters to hand out during his performances (he often performs in bars).

At first I said, “It takes to long to print out a single coaster, and wood would be expensive.” Then I thought, “Wait, I can just make a coaster stamp.” So, I did.

The old-timey, worn look is part of his branding. This project was super fun.

Coasters (much cheaper in high volume)
Base - Art Minds, 4 inch pine
Waterproof ink

Pre Release: Brewery stamp inspired by @rebecca
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 17th, 2017

Great idea, @rebecca !


OOL, but wanted to acknowledge how cool this project is! :clap: :+1: :grinning:


Love that approach! :smile:


These look really great! The stamped look really makes these unique - more than if you had taken all the time to laser each one. Wonderful use of having the Glowforge make a tool to complete a job, rather than do the entire job itself.


That is awesome and the links to what you used is mucho helpful. :slight_smile:


Wow! Love this project!!! Great job!


Very cool idea! Like business cards, only cooler. Great advertising.


I love these. What do you use for a stamp pad, since these are bigger than your typical office stamp pad…


Great idea! And thanks for the links! The screen printer that sends me a lot of decal jobs to print for them has a lot of bars as customers. I sense some up-selling coming soon.


I love the look and waterproof ink a great catch I would have spaced.


Great project here. Thanks for the inspiration. Got me a nice design for the family brewing exploits so the blank coasters would be great!


Oh wow, it came out great! The perfect solution to mass production. He could use it on t-shirts as well!

You don’t really need a stamp pad as large as your item. I typically use stamp pads that are only about 1.5" square. Just dab it all over the stamp until the surface is evenly inked.

Fabulous design for a coaster! Can’t wait to see you do it.


i like this, my one suggestion is to work on the balance of your middle ribbon; things are a little off-center there…could probably just lose the period on the end of BROS. to balance that, too.

ooh, good pro tip


Excellent project! :relaxed:


you could use an INK roller too, like for Linoleum block printing.


excellent point.


A1 job there.:smile::smile:


Nice! That’s great!


Looks awesome. Great idea!