Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:


I’m sure I’ve “invested” a few hours into the forum the last two days. And another update by the end of the week!


Do you have to wait 3-5 days for the carrier to inspect it now before unpacking? I hope not. That would really suck!


My exact thought when I watched the video… I thought… omg…, I can probably fit in that box…


Just think “Patience, People.” Perfect for Advent.


Of course that red technically only indicates that the shock indicator itself was subjected to 50 G’s. It looks like quite a scuff on the side of the box and the indicator itself, so it could’ve been a glancing blow that hit the indicator hard, but didn’t do much at all to the box or the wondrous device inside it.


Or maybe @dan or @bailey popped out of the box holding the GlowForge !!! :grinning:

(wonder if any Proofgrade® in the box.)


Hahaha! Can’t wait for the “opening”!!! :smiley_cat:


Were both tags tripped? Or was it just one?


So the question is, how far are you going to go to inspect it vs. just taking it out and firing it up and ignoring the red tag and the label’s instructions? :smile:

Fortunately, you’ll have your unboxing video in the event there really is something damaged in there, but absent anything obvious rattling around or crushed in the box before you get to the GF itself, I’d go for a full unboxing and firing it up myself because technically speaking you might need to take it out & run it to find damage that’s not parts & pieces in the container.


DUDE. I am so excited for you. Thank you for sharing the joy (or, as we say in my half-Jewish household, “sharing the oy.”)


Update. Before loading in vehicle, took pic of other shock strip. It’s white. I have to follow up with support to ensure I follow protocol with the red visible. Looks like the other tag itself got sideswiped as it shows some marring. Not sure if I will be able to stream. Stay tuned.


Well, you’re only supposed to call if you find damage when unboxing. You were supposed to note the red status on the delivery form but absent a visible hole in the side, you’re just supposed to start to unbox now. Until you find damage you proceed normally. The operative word here is “damage”. Does a loose screw in the bottom of the box count? Likely not. Shards of glass, probably. That’s when you’re supposed to call and begin the wait :slight_smile:


Why are people liking that? I can’t like that!


Because, like me, most are thinking that a solid white indicator on one side probably means it ok to unbox. At least i made that conclusion. :slight_smile:


Really can’t wait to see the unboxing!


OMG, it’s a real box!! :heart_eyes:


Refresh, refresh, refresh…


Just a note (granted from a non-expert in packaging design): the box is not rated for 50G, and FedEx guarantees that boxes won’t experience that level of abuse, so there’s a good chance the GF inside is broken. If that’s true,
a) crap, and I’m sorry, and
b) @Rita will help you send it back at our expense.

Here’s hoping for you! (And everyone else who might watch the livestream and be disappointed).



You hush…lol. Hoping you are so wrong this time!:smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No no no, It’s fine, that was just a glancing blow.

I’m sure of it… …right?