Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:


So I’m back at the office. Have a bunch of stuff to prepare for evening Spanish services including a Spanish sermon. So I’ll post this and then be back later for unboxing. If I can set up a live stream for the evening I will. If not I’ll video and upload it this afternoon. Stay tuned.

Edit: Please forgive portrait video. I wasn’t there to supervise and it happened so fast. We will have an inservice on proper phone videography in the future for all the staff! They are the best.

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:frowning: YouTube is telling me file not supported… So that was what 1 or 2 day shipping that was fast


*staying tuned impatitently…


Yes, they over nighted it to him. :smiley:


aw, they gave it a little twirl for the camera.


Dang it…all out of likes…


When you get ready for more recordings or live streaming, please set the phone/tablet in landscape mode.

It will allow us to see the width and proportions with minimal panning.



The twirl really makes it!


@PFI-Guy: yes. Hate to appear like a noob, should have been there in person.
The box looks intact without any obvious signs of damage. Here are pictures of the shock tag. What does half white and half red mean?:scream:

And now back to work till 3:00 CST.


Haha what if it was the spin that tripped it


So jelly!!!
Enjoy fellow Glowforger!! :relaxed:


Oh no!!! 5…4…3…2…1…


Not good. Those are normally entirely clear/white according to the Shockwatch manufacturer before tripping. Not saying that things don’t work just that there has been a significant jolt in transit.


Ya that is a 50g tag so 50 g-forces not 50 grams


Close but no cigar? :thermometer_face:

Shockwatch website not much help. Here

Shockwatch Vids


Didn’t look like a 50 G spin… :wink:


Looking forward to that unboxing!


50g tag eh? Couple reasons why it partially tripped. For one you don’t stick them in the center of side of the box. You place them on a edge. The center will flex. Secondly, from WA to MO it most likely traveled by air. Which most likely either the ground crew or even the landing could have tripped it. More so since the tag was in the center like that.

Now I am interested to see how the unit is being suspended inside. And if they are doing a box with-in a box? or a flip-foam casing around it.

I wonder if all ‘full production’ shipments are going to have stock stickers on them?


I know it’s big but I just can’t get over the size of the box.


This is going to feel like a LOOOOOng day at work today. :grinning: