Pre Release: House Snark



I saw some GOT stuff on the web the other day that someone had posted, of a gorgeous CNC milled house Stark shield, and figured I’d get working on a House Stahk Boston edition:

First the 3D stuff in proof grade walnut was cut out, which is extremely intricate. Weeding was not fun!

It’s funny how bright it looks under the GF’s lights, but of course it is dark walnut.

Next the backdrop of the shield in proof grade maple ply, with scoring for the intricate parts so I could locate them on the glue up, along with engraving on the accents on the face and writing.

Weeded and glued

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

Shouldn’t it be “Of Coase” not “Oh Coase”? Of course since you’re in Bahstun and I only visit you’d know :slight_smile:


That is an f in that crazy font… looks just like the h


I thought that might be the case but the “f” in “firckin” looks different (& like an “f”).


i’m pretty sure you’re correct. doesn’t matter though because i read it as ‘oh’ and it’s still funny.


Whoa, just went to post on Facebook about something, and my keys were sometimes entering in wrong order, and when I typed a few things weird letter combos just came out. Rebooted and that seems fixed. Because you are correct it is an h, but when you first mentioned it I retyped f over it and it was unchanged. Now it’s more likely something was very, very, very wrong in keyboard driver land… Well, I supposed I could remake it. Was pretty quick…


Lol that’s awesome. :joy: :rofl: :wolf:


You guys are killing me with these projects!!
Hopefully mine will be here soon!!
Love the cut out!!


Looks like an fi ligature to me. (Don’t get me started on ligatures and logotypes)


Yay! New England! Where winter is half the fricken year. Haha


And Pre-Winter is the other half.

Except sometimes there’s summer and if it falls on the 4th of July we have a party! :slight_smile:




Hehe… that’s funny, and pretty cool too. Nice work :slight_smile:


Made me laff…New England…and Stahk…hahahaha


Oh coase yah could. Buh why bohtha?