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I love this! GF version of measure twice!

I’ve been thinking about the other side of this coin as I go around and see an enormous (and ever increasing) amount of stuff that is made on a laser. It’s still an unclear thought (mine, not yours) but the whole thing relates to commodification & democratization. In any event, that got my wheels spinning again![quote=“johnwills, post:16, topic:4555”]
Will you have to manually enter settings if you use the rest of it?

Really good point!


For one that was not proofgrade. The 1/4" birch plywood is from home depot. Secondly as it sits if the UI sees the QR code it applies the right settings automagically. Otherwise you can pick it from the material list.


The visible QR code is an interim step until we perfect the process to apply UV barcodes across the entire surface of the material. At that point you’ll be able to cut a board in half and use both halves. Lots of changes and improvements in store for Proofgrade.



What if you want to use a 16th of the board. Will the code be readable?

I’ve suggested a post-it type barcode would be a better option, re-positionable according to where cutting takes place, even placed over previously cut holes.

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I just plan around it. Haven’t wasted anything yet.


I’ll give you more details when we roll it out.


@dan @tony: Not sure how small the barcodes will be, but I picture a very small barcode which is tiled across the entire paper covering.

But, in case the barcodes are of some significant size… could there be a visual warning displayed when a section of scrap will be left without barcode? Just highlight it as red or something?

Would require a fair bit of extra processing… and likely not often of any real value. So probably not. But, if the barcodes would be fairly large, or this would be trivial to implement… could be cool.


In the hopper! But we’re planning for much smaller.


I picked up one of those UV led flashlights. Now I will have a good use for it!


fair enough

Please, please, please make Proofgrade international shipping reasonable.

I’m getting excited by all the advantages of Proofgrade, but fear it will be too expensive to use with international shipping costs!!!


What printer is that? Looks pretty good :sunglasses:

It would be great if you could either provide a list of barcodes that we could print out and place in the bed or open up the settings so we can say “treat this material as proofgrade X”


This! Post-it-note bar codes provided with the material! (Hope I’m not stepping on any IP, Dan!)


Why though? Any material that isn’t Proofgrade will have inconsistent results via incorrect settings, and Proofgrade material will already have the barcodes.

There will always be a situation where either you’re using scrap proofgrade and none of the barcodes are intact or you’re using material you sourced yourself of similar quality to the proofgrade material you want to mimic. If someone is using only proofgrade material it is less of a concern but it cant hurt to have a library of presets to use.

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Ideally the option to save presets will exist for non Proofgrade materials.


Currently the barcodes peel off and you can just stick them on the piece thats left. Im sure that if you have a small piece of masking with readable code you can just stick it on a piece that youre cutting to get it to detect properly. That is, if they dont make it so small that it can practically read from any usable size.


Exactly! Just save one of each kind of barcode and toss it on an area you won’t be cutting.


Good temporary solution, though I think the final part will be UV / non-visible (but then they may cover whole sheets at that point rendering it moot).