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In this week’s episode of lazyCAD, I make a base for a 3D print of baby groot with no measurements.

I started out with the look I wanted to achieve with the base.

Then export that out and sprinkle some logo love.

Then slap baby groot in the glowforge and do a size check. Resized where needed.

Click the print button. Then press the only button on the 'forge.

Baby groot felt like he needed to inspect the work.

He approves.

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Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

That is so cool, what you can do with a few minutes with your Forge! Go :glowforge: :squeee: - Rich


Cute Groot! :relaxed:


oh wondrous Groot happiness!


Knowing that you make a lot of stuff and have the tools to do it…did you make that Groot?



Wood fill PLA


I said this to @karaelena earlier, but ill say it again. The age of the maker is here. Almost anything I can buy as a trinket online somewhere I can now make myself. Its such a good feeling to be able to fully manifest an idea, and this is such a great example


I knew it! That looks fantastic and I’m even more impressed :smiley:


That is really cool!
I love the Trekkie stuff in the background too.


It’s so cool to see the design to a file and have it work perfectly right off the bat.


It’s grootiful! :wink:


Baby Groot is in my Hopper®


That wood pla turned out fantastic


Now I want a 3D printer to make a baby Groot.

I need to marry a rich woman asap!


That is epic!!!


That’s great! One question: It looks like you cut out half of the Proofgrade bar code. Does that mean you won’t be able to treat the rest of that board as Proofgrade? Will you have to manually enter settings if you use the rest of it?


Good question, I wondered that myself!


I love this! GF version of measure twice!

I’ve been thinking about the other side of this coin as I go around and see an enormous (and ever increasing) amount of stuff that is made on a laser. It’s still an unclear thought (mine, not yours) but the whole thing relates to commodification & democratization. In any event, that got my wheels spinning again![quote=“johnwills, post:16, topic:4555”]
Will you have to manually enter settings if you use the rest of it?

Really good point!


For one that was not proofgrade. The 1/4" birch plywood is from home depot. Secondly as it sits if the UI sees the QR code it applies the right settings automagically. Otherwise you can pick it from the material list.

Where do you cut first on a new sheet?

The visible QR code is an interim step until we perfect the process to apply UV barcodes across the entire surface of the material. At that point you’ll be able to cut a board in half and use both halves. Lots of changes and improvements in store for Proofgrade.


Where do you cut first on a new sheet?