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Hubby and I have been producing the newsletter (they send us content and we make it look pretty in inDesign) on a volunteer basis for about 20 years, for the Fiddler organization founded by our friend Vesta Johnson. So I happen to have on hand a vector form of the org’s logo. I thought I’d surprise Vesta and the officers with some tags to put on their instrument cases. The prototype in 1/8" maple plywood took nearly 6 minutes, but when I made 6 more in one run the time per unit went down to 3.3 minutes. I decided to engrave each officer’s name on the back of their tag, so when preparing the file in Illustrator I placed the back text (converted to outlines) on top of each tag. Then ran the file with the names set to Ignore. As soon as the run was done I carefully flipped each tag and re-ran the file with everything except the names set to ignore. That took an additional 3 minutes for the six names. I’m figuring we can make up a bunch of these and sell them when the org runs fundraisers, all proceeds to go into the org’s coffers.


Those are nice! Should be a great fund raiser too! :relaxed::+1:


One of my oldtime fiddle buddies is a walking encyclopedia of obscure Missouri and Illinois tunes. He’s from Missouri. Usually when he tells me the provenance of a fiddle tune my eyes gloss over but I remember Vesta’s name associated with a bunch of his tunes.


Really nice cynd11!!


We see her every Tuesday; she just turned 95! What’s his name?


These are really great! They will be so tickled. As you would know, round dealies are something close to my heart…I’ve certainly made a bunch of them. Fantastic idea for a fundraiser. You inspire!


I need to make something like this for my neighbors band. They would love this kind of tag for all their music gear.


I believe Tony The Tiger said it best… “They’re GRRRRRRRRREAT!” My Dad and I are both musicians. I can definitely see us designing something similar to put on our cases!

So are you saying you kept the piece of wood in place, removed each tag, then used the original wood as a jig to do the backs? It’s nice you were able to make that work!



Those look nice!

What is the white part made of? Is it paint? If so, did you paint them first, then lase it off?

If you are referring to the one acrylic tag, that is just engraved like all of the maple tags. I think my photo washed out the grain on those and made them look white.

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I’m afraid I’m being a dumdum, but I mean this part…

I get it now. Some very light wood that got washed out… :slight_smile: