Pre Release: Last Minute Nursing Gift

Last night one of our senior nurses had a really rough shift, and since she is on tonight (and she follows my maker projects closely), I decided maybe a surprise laser gift would be nice for tonight. I had jokingly made a nurses cap for her out of a medication cup last night with a little red-cross on it, and she said, oh wouldn’t it be cool to laser cut one for me… (trust me it was funny at 4am…)

So a quick internet search of nurses caps, trace in AI. I was going to go to Michaels prior to my shift to get a pin, but realized, heck I could just make a magnetic clasp. Proofgrade Cherry (although that setting has mysteriously disappeared from my GFUI, so I set it to Maple hardwood and adjusted the settings manually)

So first the front side:

I engraved a deep hole on the clasp side and a shallower one on the main part. Hot glued (for some reason the CA glue simply would not stick to the cherry. I tried shaving off the char, but no luck. So hot glue it is. (the pictures make them lock cocked, but they are really quite square to the surface). All told a few minutes work to design, and 10 minutes of GF time, a few minutes gluing, and a nice gift.

(and the part is centered, but the overhead light over my worktable cast a shadow if I wasn’t off to the side)


You are such a thoughtful guy. I bet she loves it. :grin:


How cool! That’s a sweet idea. :relaxed:


Very nice little gift and a great reminder of how versatile magnets are. Thanx for sharing. While your surgical mockups are super interesting, this is something we all can adjust the meme to and make.


It brought a smile to her face, (and not the one of exhaustion) which is worth every minute…


Awwwwww, I love that you are nice to your colleagues.


I love your giving heart…


Being creative and building up your people. Love it!


Well done sir, love it!


Wow! You’re definitely not like most doctors that I’ve heard my wife (who is a nurse) talk about on her floor! Nice job!