Pre-Release | Mixed Bag of projects



I’ve been slacking a bit on posts for the last couple days. So here’s a mix bag of some of the projects that I’ve been working on.

Closed Looped 3 Axis Camera Slider. The idea was to move the gantries to a position (by hand) and have it play back the motion at any speed I want.

All the parts were designed in F360. So far I have the X Axis done.

1/4" & 1/2" thick Acrylic. (non-Proofgrade)

Test cut of 1/2" Acrylic (the back was rough from the miter saw)

3D Printer Parts.

I got tired of losing the static bag I kept all the nozzles in- So I made a holder for them.

1/8" Acrylic (Proofgrade)

Idler static vibration tension thingy.

I’ve been tuning the crap out of this printer. And after baby groot I noticed a ‘ringing’ pattern on the Z axis on all the the prints. The detail was epic. The layer dynamics were epic…But I had this random ‘wave’ that was appearing in all the prints. So I recorded the printer doing a test shape @ 120FPS. Then watched it on my desktop. And you can see the front belts oscillating during the print. So I figured my Accel/Deccel values where a bit aggressive. I adjusted a bit but my print speeds started to suffer. So I made this. Took about 15mins in F360 and the cut took about 17 sec.

Worked like a champ.

Chevron 1 encoded…

Marble filled with black paint.

And my favorite Anime of all time.

1/4" Cedar (non-Proofgrade)

Something for the Kitchen

1/4" birch plywood (non-Proofgrade)

Currently my personal record on the longest engrave to date. 3 hr 58 mins 27sec.

So my original thought about the mount for the camera slider above was to use a single piece of 1/8" acrylic and ‘soften’ it and have gravity bend it. Welp that did not work at all. Ended up using the 1/2" as the mount then attach the 1/4" to that. Much better.

No fault of the GF. But the failure is cool to watch.

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017
1/2 " acrylic question

Looks like someone’s having a lot of fun! It’s great to see the GF being used for many different applications.

I especially like the “Something for the Kitchen”. But I also like to see the acrylic being cut for functional things.


Great “mixed bag.” The artistic items are very cool, and I always love to see practical items! That’s a cool nozzle/tool holder.


Thanks for posting all this. Did you design the slider or are you working off some sort of plans/instructions?


laser cut 3d printer parts, 3d printed cnc parts, next thing we know we’ll have cats and dogs living together :grin:!


The engineering mastermind dropping an amazebomb! Awesome stuff… I really want one of those camera rails once you get it dialed in!


From scratch.


:thumbsup: Very Impressive


Mass hysteria!


Dogs and cats living together!


Love seeing so many practical problem solving solutions! Great job! :smile::+1:


Super display of your wide range of skills and interests.

1/2" acrylic? That’s impressive and inspiring.

The long-timed engrave is neat. Did you note any variation as it went along? Any hiccups or misses?


Really great projects! I keep forgetting just how awesome having a laser will be.


On that particular engrave no. Even edge to edge.


Woah! Awesome set of projects. I love Bleach, but the ending wasn’t my favorite.


Agreed. But not as bad as Enterprise.


For the gravity bending experiment, did you just line up the “cut” via the camera and UI? If so, it looks like the alignment is getting much better these days.

Thanks for sharing all of these. Really inspiring stuff.


Yup. I made the vector slightly diamond shaped so it was slowly work its way from one side to another. 2020 hindsight I should have increased the feed rate and lowered the LPI. But 1/8" would have too ‘weak’ to do what I was trying to do.


Really cool! We’ve been talking with the Laser Origami creator about the out-of-focus work - will be more that we can do there, I think.


Awesome stuff. I like how you recorded the 3D Printer @ 120fps and played it back for diagnostics! :smiley: Will have to keep that trick in mind if I ever work on designing 3D Printers again.

-=- Terence