Pre Release | More Votive Lamps



I’m in gearing up for gift giving season so I have more time to create later on, so I made some more little stained glass votive lamps like the one I did here.

These were done the exact same way (engrave “lead” lines onto white acrylic, fill with black metallic embossing paste, paint color with glass paints, make a wooden box with engraved shelf with circular cutouts to hold the battery operated votive light), except I did the box part as a standard finger joint box then covered them with walnut veneer, instead of mitering the corners (too much work!).

Oh, also I made the corner pieces out of black acrylic instead of walnut–it made the gluing easier.

Edit: forgot to mention that I got the patterns for the stained glass from this Dover design book.




Love, love, love these! :heart_eyes:
(Are you planning to offer the patterns one day in the catalog I hope?)


I really like black acrylic corners…very classy!!
Mittered edges are cool and all, but I really like the veneer look and if it saves time, all the much better.


Very nice indeed!


Really beautiful and inventive use of veneer. I also like the idea of using the acrylic for corners. Great use of those scraps from the sides of acrylic that always seem to be left from the first cut into a new full sized sheet.




Thinking about it!


These are beautiful! Outta likes, but consider this a big one! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just love your work so much!


Outstanding! They look so fancy! :blush:


Brilliant. You could use Draftboard as the base and then apply the veneer. Really neat idea. Stealing this one for sure :slight_smile:


The lamps are just lovely.


Those really catch the eye!




Gosh. Just… Wow.


These are so pretty!


It looks like its really made out if metal, i like it :slight_smile: