Pre-Release | Practice Grampadrew Sign


I’ve been working on a sign for grampadrew, a friend and local musician. Here are two prototypes. Earlier, I posted an engraving of an image I grabbed off his website.

The first image is made with Proofgrade Maple Hardwood and Clear Acrylic. (Eventually, I’ll make a large sign with clear acrylic and color changing LEDs in the background.)

The second image is made with Proofgrade Maple Hardwood and Walnut Hardwood.

…skulls make everything cooler. :skull:

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Those are beautiful!


Wait, the first one is an acrylic inlay?


I need to make my one of them when I get my GF, because I am (very soon to be)


Yep. I just cut out one sign in acrylic and one in wood. I plopped the acrylic letters into the wooden sign. Easy, peasy.


Very nice!


Very nice :smile:


Very nice!
By the way am I the only one that thinks of Pappy Drew it when reading that?


Ohhhhh, it’s gorgeous! Really stellar inlay!


Gorgeous! Love the light shining through! :smile::+1:


Soo cool! Your friend is going to love them both! :smiley:


So cool how we will be able to do custom gifts now. Great job on that!:sunglasses:


So cool. I was thinking simply back lit, but the acrylic letters look great. Ok… let me check my email…