Pre Release Reviews?


It was my understanding that those getting a pre release unit were not held to back by an NDA. Has anyone done a review of a pre release unit yet?



Yes there is ongoing information from @marmak3261. You can find his posts on the Weekly Highlights threads.


Tested also did a review on a pre-release unit.


I haven’t done a narrative of the whole experience and machine yet. Just the the various aspects and the materials. I’ll put that in the queue.


I wonder why no other pre-release units have surfaced since those first two. I thought they were to be the first of many.


Fifty of them are going to an in-house testing lab. (Can’t remember where Dan said that, but it was recent.)

We won’t get reports on those.


Most are going to test facilities but I’d like to see more real people get them as well.


In your opinion, do you think if we had access to the glowforge app --> would that help us get ready for the actual arrival of our machines or is access useless until we can hit the PRINT key ourselves?

Thanks, Brian


It was in the q&a


Ahhh! Thanks! :relaxed:


50 to one lab seems excessive. I can’t imagine why they would need so many.


Eh! Who knows?

Testing the stability of the hinges by flexing them 1000 times per day?

Running them robotically for 8 hours at a time?

Lots of things can be mechanically tested in labs more efficiently than sending them to people, who have to sleep. :relaxed:


Most standard testing is called “type testing”, where normally a sample size of 1 is used.
It is true that multiple standards need multiple facilities, but it does seem to be a bit excessive of a number.


For 10,000+ units? Doesn’t actually seem high enough to me. But it’s better than 2 or 3, so i ain’t complaining. :relaxed:


Who needs sleep if you have aGlowforge???:sunglasses:


We’re in training now. :sleepy: (We need a good zombie icon.)


Testing is expensive, and you do ship tens of thousands of units with the results of 1 test. Depending on your industry, you need to re-test a production unit every X years (~3 in my industry for various reasons), and sometimes once a year. But its never in those quantities, given the time and cost involved.


And yet in order to do things quickly, they might be testing a couple of units for lasing, a few for hinges, a few for something else, running a few for hours on end.

We just don’t know. But I am happy that they are testing them so thoroughly. It would be rather catastrophic to get the units and have all the hinges break off after a year, turning them into Class 4 lasers.

We’d all have to buy goggles. :astonished:


There may also be other customers who have pre-release units who simply haven’t said so because they don’t want to be inundated with questions and requests. Or they might not be active on the forum at all.

(No. I don’t have a pre-release unit. I’d tell you if I did. :smile:)