Pre Release: Steam Engine Lithograph Engrave



Given all the folks engraving photos recently, thought maybe a old 1800s lithograph might engrave better since it is linear shaded.

I chose this one as it was high-res and nicely shaded

Engraved it on 1/8" Baltic Birch:

Chose the medium and dark settings from Maple Ply, I may try a midpoint to see if I can get more contrast without baking the wood. Definitely does a pretty nice job, although the darkest areas get baked on the darker setting, while the lighter one has way more subtle detail, it kind of fades. Also might try this on hardwood which might look better.


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Great result!


Love that darker one! What a beautiful job! :relaxed:


I continue to be amazed by the :glowforge: engraving capabilities. Both my rising bar and what everyone else is doing. Great stuff.


I second that. Darker is more stunning…imo


That turned out great. I especially like the darker one, and it not being on proof grade and still looking this good is fantastic. :smiley:




Nicely done!


Ok I am not going to say I like the darker one better, but I do.


Totally agree that the darker example is more pleasing to the eye. Draws attention!


These look amazing! I love the darker one, too…the best.


Yup, the darker one rulz!


Thumbs up on the darker one as well!


+1 for the Darker One.


Definitely the dark one! If you look at the reflecting surface of the smoke stack, it was never meant to be as pale as the wood color.


:sob: on floor face down and kicking my feet and screaming “I want my glow forge”…

Ok, I’m better now. I like the darker on too :slight_smile:


I’m with everyone else… Darker one rules!


Add one more for the darker. It really pops.


Very nice. And everything I thought might be artifacts from the etch turned out to be in the original image…


Ooooh, love this! I’m planning to engrave lithographs, so it’s great to see it turn out so well!