Pre Release: What to do with a stout tree?

Holy smokes, that’s gorgeous!


Thats beautiful, truly. :heart_eyes:


bwahahaha. I have a device that can precision cut wood. I bet I can laser up a sled in no time… Off to OnShape!

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Wow! :grinning:

I think @julybighouse does mugs as well (if my currently overloaded memory isn’t failing me) … you guys are so inspiring with the woodwork!

Definitely! We’re just down the hill and have a good patio for entertaining.

How is this? Clamp holes on the front to secure the wood to the tray, and the tray back can clamp to the saw. The whole thing is parametric, so you just input the log diameter, and anything else you want to do. Let me know if this is what you meant?

If this works, I will try it this weekend, and then will post links to the file…


There’s a fellow I follow on Youtube called Matthias Wandel, who among other amazing feats has recently been using a (homemade!) bandsaw to mill some trees for later sticking and stacking.

I’ve done resawing on the tablesaw, even with fairly thin (5/8") stock. If you don’t mind the kerf and the width of the board is within the capacity of the saw, it works the biz.

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Of course this woman just made an entire musical instrument…


Yep! I make slatted Mugs

I can’t wait to be able to customize these mugs with my GF. Since they start off all being in flat pieces, I can engrave my designs onto a face pretty easily and customize so many parts to this. (So yes…I’ll be able to engrave on a mug…after a fashion)


That gal! I was unfamiliar with Amy Qian’s work before - I always appreciate it when Caleb raises awareness of some awesome person making awesome stuff!

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fixed in the OP. I did actually note it was amy, but given I was reading, posting, talking and slacking all at the same time…


I like being able to mostly-ignore e-mail, but I think I’ve now hit slack-overload as well.

LOL clearly that means we ought to make a glowforge-forum Slack, and have a Hubot instance that digests posts into the slack, and vice-versa…

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It’s too useful since my team all communicates with it, and my clinical group use email for real-time communication. I also have my 3D printers all slack’ing to me their status from Octoprint…

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OMG I :heart: OctoPrint so much.

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No kidding. I absolutely kicked in with monthly payment via Patreon when Gina lost her sponsorship. She’s great, and really listens when you provide constructive feedback.


That holder should work pretty well. If you’re doing slabs, the difficulties are less. A lot depends on your piece of wood; regular clamps assume that you can just bear down and nothing will roll or slip. You might want the back higher, with some holes that could can insert some kind of clamping caul into, and then the clamps in front grip the caul rather than the log/branch. (Or just some short fat screws through that part coming up in the center front, and accept the waste…)

Good luck!

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Cool, I may PM you when trying this out, if I encounter weirdness. John (my friend who I made the beer holders for) just cut down a bunch of cedar trees, and offered if I want to come cut some branches I can, so might do those this weekend!

Me too. Octoprint is one of our robotic overlords I truly appreciate. (Has anyone tried the cura slicing plugin – I’m thinking about using that at the local library, but not if it’s too slow or finicky)

the problem is it is generic (older version) of Cura. Depending on your printer that may or may not work well… I mostly use S3D on my BigBox and Cura Lulzbot edition on my Taz6 in the lab…

I haven’t even had a printer using it for a few years (moving house changed priorities) but I still kick in because I want it to still be there when I need it again.