Precise dimensions

I’d like to cut acrylic for a template and need it to be the correct dimension to be usable.

I use sketchup for drawing and can export to pdf, dfx or dwg. Any suggestions on how to load the design and cut it out? So far when I import designs they’re not to 1:1 scale.

Thank you!

You may find one of the “export to SVG” plugins useful, such as

There doesn’t seem to be many Sketchup users here (at least any that contributed to The Matrix), so there’s no handy recommended workflow. Keep plugging away – it is possible, and I’m sure others will chime in…

Good luck!

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I export svg from sketchup and layout in inkscape for final scaling and layout. Works really well.

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I use sketchup on an almost daily basis for architecture to “sketch” a design, and I have been since 2003. It doesn’t do curves well. It does segments - as many as you want for a curve in fact. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been learning Fusion 360. It’s free for hobbyists and free for anyone making less than $100,000 a year with it. It’s far better than sketchup for many reasons when it comes to the GF. Like changing material thickness AND reacting to intersecting planes. This is by far a huge time saver, but the learning curve is steep. For me anyway.


Chanting the number of segments can definitely yield a pretty smooth curve but you see performance issues at a certain point.

Since we’r largely cutting rigid thin sheet material, a large proportion of our shapes fir 3d construction lean toward polygons… so you can get pretty far with sketchup.

Where fusion360 and other software really takes the lead is curves as mentioned and arguably more importantly parametric design.

Anyway, there are almost as many workflows as there are GF owners, it’s pretty cool to see everyone’s techniques.