Precision settings precision adjust

If you are trying to get just the right speed or power you can put the cursor in the number field and use the up/down arrow keys for fine adjust.


Still can’t enter key out of the popup dialog, but the arrows are a nice touch.


Hit esc twice. The first time “unfocuses” the field you are in, the second time closes the dialog.


Please tell support! Great feature request.

After using it a bit last night I don’t completely agree with @marmak3261. The enter key should “commit” the change, but it might be confusing if the dialog disappeared.


It seems that most of the fill in forms I work with can use Tab or Enter to commit each entry and jump to the next field. Only the last field of the dialog commits and then closes the dialog or presents a new form. I’m used to that behavior being controlled on a database entry form. I have suggested this behavior so that you can keep your hands on the keyboard throughout and quickly jump through all the fields of all the operations without ever having to use the mouse.

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I agree that is useful. In most instances tab advances through a form, and indeed, the settings dialog honors that convention (try shift tab to go backwards). There is a lot of discussion about enter though since many people will hit enter when changing a form value even if they don’t HAVE to. If the dialog closes after you set the speed you may be left thinking “hey, I wanted to change the power” and then you have to open it up again. It is the standard 80/20 rule, confuse 80% of the people or annoy the 20% of knowledgable users.

I have changed my mind and decided I like the esc key as a way to escape the dialog. :slight_smile:


I’ll start using the Escape key, although I never would have thought that would work because in most programs I use the Escape key exits WITHOUT committing. On the same token with closing the dialog and coming to focus on the next, it would be for me the same deal. It focuses on the next, but I can shift tab to change the focus to the previous operation I just finished and hit enter again to open it up. Right now you can’t use the arrow keys nor the tab to navigate the operations thumbnails. It’s all clickable only. But it is a matter of custom and taste for sure.

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