Preferred Inkscape Learning


I have very little experience with layout programs such as Illustrator and Inkscape. I am looking to learn Inkscape so I’m ready when my Glowforge arrives. (not paying for Illustrator just yet)

I want to know if you have a preferred YouTube channel or avenue to learn Inkscape? Is there someone that does some really good videos/tutorials on it? Let me know!


I really like Nick Saporito’s channel for Inkscape. Explains things well, and has a huge archive of Inkscape tutorial videos now.

I think this link should work:


Have you seen the library of Owner-contributed tutorials?


Thanks! I’ll check it out.


For some reason, I had not seen that. I have seen some tutorials here and there on specific topics/problems, but thanks for linking to this. I didn’t see it when I searched.


I have been enjoying these, very to the piont


Cool, thanks. I’ll check them out.