Premium freebes?

I currently have Premium for free for 14 days. Can someone advise how to get the sheep button file without having to pay for it? I was under the impression Premium was free? TIA group. I am so happy to be a part of this community



I think you are 'charged, but then the charge is never put thru, so it is free.


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I believe you need to have a credit card on file to “purchase” free files during the trial period. I don’t think you are actually charged for the files. If you choose not to subscribe to Premium, you will lose access to the free files you obtained during the trial period.

Only Glowforge staff can answer this question definitively. You should contact them.


Thank you. I do not plan on subscribing to premium. I have the pro which is suppose to be a bit faster. I was just really interested in the sheep buttons. Lol

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You go through like you will pay and when the final bill is set it will be zero.

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