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Looking for advise and opinions on the Glowforge premium software. Is it worth it?

I’ve had it since it came out, got the discount price of $15 a month and I think it’s highly worth it. We used it extensively to create Christmas gifts (etched metal with Dry Moly Lube) and it saved us a TON of time.

The other day I needed to whip up a quick lettering / cat outline for a cat feeding splash guard (don’t ask) and it took about 5 minutes of design to then send to the laser. In the past I’d have to whip out AutoCAD (my preferred software) do the design, print to a PDF, import, settings, etc. With the PSS I can jump in, create, go all super quick.

So I guess it depends. For a lot of things I’ll still use AutoCAD because I need the accuracy and speed there for design. But for quick things and fun things (the family can use it) it’s awesome.


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The premium subscription pro/con cost/benefit has been discussed extensively in the forum. A quick search will provide lots of opinions. It all comes down to how you use your Glowforge and how you wish to develop your designs. For some people the free design of the month and free designs with premium are reason enough.


Thank you for the advice

Thank you

Totally worth it to me!!

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If you have design skills and are efficient with file creation, maybe not, but the ease of text and other design features and a few of the other perks for catalog designs, it’s pretty good. I think for someone just starting out, it would really be a time saver for getting going.

I do like it but was so used to not having these features, I don’t always think of them. My jobs aren’t too complicated so being in the fast lane isn’t too much of a deal.

Addendum: The outline feature in Premium is very good. I think one of the most useful tools. With text, shapes, outlines, and lines, you could could have all your vector needs in one package to make lots of flat objects, signs and such. Folks are more familiar with bitmap images use and beginners often see something neat and would like to engrave it but then get stuck with the cutout part needing vectors.

I’d say someone just starting out with little design software knowledge could use the Premium for six months to a year and be quite productive while they are learning to roll their own.


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