Preparing for Glowforge

Hello all. I’m new to Glowforge. I have not received my unit yet its due towards the end of the month. I have no experience in creating files for use (to be cut) on a laser cnc/printer. Are there any links or books to learn how to create these files? I do 3D printing. I use Fusion360 and TinkerCad. But, I’m not sure where to start to create my own files (svg and so on).
Thanks. Any advice would be appreciate.


can start here.

There are a lot of tutorials and other information sources. Weeks worth of reading, so get comfortable with a drink nearby and dig in.


The fact you already create is enough. Enjoy your new Fantachine. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the input.

Thank you for the advice.

If you would like to post a file, an svg, of something you would like to make, we can assist you in ensuring that it will work in the Glowforge. I spent a lot of time on the forum in the runup to the delivery and learned so much that I was able to make a file that worked right off the bat. But there were some design features I had to learn by experiences. The tutorials are great.


Thank you. But, I would first have to learn how to create a svg file. What program creates that type of file?

You are in luck! Since you already use Fusion 360 just install the Shaper Origin and/or the dxf laser plug in. The so outputs a svg and the dfx laser outputs a dfx that can quickly be converted to svg in Inkscape.

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oh, thanks. I will check out how to install that plug in. Thanks. Much appreciated.