Preparing for the Holidays

@mmecham posted some items the other day that inspired me to get things started for the upcoming holidays.

I expanded on the great script name in a hexagon idea to create a dual purpose item. For our Friendsgiving dinner, it lets each guest know where to sit. But afterwards, the name is a Christmas ornament and the base is a photo holder, both for the guest to take home.

I also made a prototype keychain, which will have the name of our distributor customers on one side, and our own company name, phone # and web address on the opposite side.

Lastly, I finally got around to creating a cut out of our 2 year old twins doing what they enjoy. Our daughter is on a swing, and our son is reading a book. Those are silhouettes of our kids from photographs.


Wonderful idea and execution! May I ask where you got the wire clip?


I bought a bunch of clips earlier this year with different tops off Amazon

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Far out my favorite. Well done


Oooo, love the dual purpose name tag/ornament idea!


These are great! Love the cut out featuring your children!

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Love that tree! So sweet! Great keepsake!