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Just like preparation, presentation is everything when it comes to business. If you take the extra time and spend just little more on a project, clients will be willing to pay more as well. And look at the pretty pictures :rofl:

Just like preparation, presentation is everything when it comes to business. Take this as a helpful guide line for those small business owners just starting or struggling to see why or what they could do better. Always remember people will spend more money when the percieved value is great than the price you’ve set.

That being said here’s my example, granted I’m not making money as it’s stuff I’m doing for my brother to hand out. I had an earlier post regarding hand turned wood pens that he wanted engraved, but rather than change settings for every pen since they were all different wood, I made a pen stand. Well I wasn’t sold on how he would deliver them to recipients because I knew he would more than likely just hand them to people as pen and stand. No packaging, no pizzazz, nothing. So I thought to myself why not just go to the wonderful lobbies filled with hobbies, and look for a pen box of sorts. Of course once I entered Hobby Lobby that’s all she wrote and the wallet opened. I found some plain candy boxes, color shredded paper for filling, string, waxed string, and cardstock.

Once I got home the wheels started turning. I wanted to let people know what type of wood the pen was made of, who made it, and through a nod to my abilities in there as well. Thought about cutting cards and laying in the box, or making a card to wrap around the pen and stand to hold them together, but figured they would both be thrown away or overlooked. I came up with the idea to make little placards to go on top and tie the box shut.

I also decided I didn’t like the idea of the pen just rolling around in the box with the stand for two reasons, one it could scratch and two it could get buried in the paper filling. So I took some thin waxed string and tied a nice bow to secure each together.

For the labels on the box, I found normal 100# cardstock but then I found some cardstock as well that was textured and embossed to look like wood grain. I ran multiple tests to find the “perfect” settings for what I was looking and decided to use the textured paper.

Added some business color matching paper confetti fill and wrapped it all nicely using one strand of string.

Taking just this as the final product:

And adding a little pizzazz like this:

Makes the final presentation appear more valuable to the customer and the gift recipient:


What an elegant presentation. Your points about packaging are well taken.


Love this! The presentation definitely leaves a mark in the mind!


Eloquent details! :sunglasses:


There was a potter I worked with in Miami that sold a lot of her stuff in Japan that showed me her presentation boxes that were of wood and works of art in themselves and explained that no matter how nice, it could not be sold without the presentation box and the box would be kept as a part of the whole. As much effort as you are putting in anyway and a standard item in shape and size, a box with a lid that held the pen in place could bring those pens to a next level.


Lovely presentation!


Someone would be thrilled to receive something like that. The packaging really elevates the notion of “special and unique present.”

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Nice! And is is so true, presentation is critical.

I decided to make some boxes for my swizzle stick sets to go with the buyer, and found this great site:

template maker for gift boxes

And you can enter whatever dimensions and download as SVG.

I ended up using pillow boxes, as could get the size I needed and it still fits all on an 8.5x11 sheet, as I opted to use cardstock (though had to edit their output since their template didn’t include the thumb holes as their image shows). And used card stock heavier than my printer likes, so option to etch info on them–but for speed, just used my logo ink stamp, since the card insert in the clear bags I put the sets in has all the info if they want to find my site…

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This was the gist of my entire graduate degree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice write up!


I get mission creep all the time.
Going to be a simple Bam Ba Lam, and 2 days later it is way beyond origin parameters.

Better is better (shrug), so no complaints.
You project came out awesome. Sure hope your bro appreciates it.


Another rabbit hole…

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