Preserving/Protecting Laser Cut Items

Recently I made some desk items for my parents, but started wondering if there is supposed to be some way to preserve the burnt, engraved details from fading or chipping after being handled and knocked around.

I have previously used a shellac to protect some custom wall plaques that I have made, but should I be preserving smaller things with some kind of protective coating as well? I am tinkering around with engraved jewelry and small, detailed artwork as well, so any insight would be EXTREMELY helpful.

Thank you, all of you wonderful people!

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In an engraving where the degree of char presents different colors I think a coat clear spray is what I would do.
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The search function will be your best friend as the forum is jam packed with tips, tricks, guides and material experiences shared over 5 years. Your profile has indicated that you have read 26 minutes, so you are off to a good start. Keep reading and searching specific topics. Here is a place to start with your current question: Search results for 'sealing' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Do you have a specific clear spray that you would recommend?

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Readily available Krylon. You could use the forum search function to see what others do. :+1:


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I agree with the others. Reading the form gives so much valuable information.

I use a polyurethane spray, but I am not at home, so I can’t check the brand. I got it at Lowe’s.

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Polyurethane spray here as well. Usually use a satin finish, multiple coats. Grab a can at HD or Wally world.


For jewelry I prefer to use a coating of 2-part epoxy resin. It will stand up to the body moisture better than any sprayed product.


For some things, I find a very positive effect in UV resin as kept in the dark it can sink in for as long as you like, or even wipe off so only the surface holds it. Then when exposed to UV it hardens solidly, where everything else begins to dry immediately and that is not always best.

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