Pretty disappointing day


Between the UPS mishandling, finding transpo across town twice, and then my GF won’t even turn on… I’m gonna have to say today sucked.

I will say that @Rita was very helpful in providing solutions as best as can be done right now. Still the biggest bummer of my year thus far. :pensive:


Don’t worry.

You’re new GF will be out the door and on your doorstep in a flash. I know from experience, when they need to replace a unit they get 'r done ASAP.


I’m hoping so. **heavy sighs as the Smiths plays in the background.


So sorry! This has been a roller-coaster ride for you today for sure. :frowning:


Especially considering that I got coworkers to pick up the next three days of my schedule just so I could work with the GF. Now I’m losing money for nothing…


Oh no! Well you are going to have to make them all some cool custom stuff. Hope your new 'forge is there before you know it…


yeah, sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. It’s just after waiting so long, this is just a really craptastic start.


I think you’re handling it pretty gracefully tbh… after the day you’ve had!


Reboxed faster than it took to unbox it. :sob:


It’s not like it needs to survive the trip back at least.
I’m sure they will take care of you quickly!!


Sorry to hear it, but at least you know that you are at the top of the priority list right now.


Sorry to hear about the day mate, what a bummer.

Take The Smiths up a notch (unless it is ‘The Queen is Dead’) with Joy Division to really set the mood right


The Smiths and Joy Division are daily constants in my life, honestly.


Preaching to the converted!
Add She Wants Revenge and The Cure (pre-‘Bloodflowers’) to that mix and we are set on my end


So sorry! I hope the fix is fast for you!


I misinterpreted the expansion for “GF” the first time I read this and thought that’s a bit TMI, but yeah that’s a pretty disappointing day.


That really stinks :frowning: If it’s any consolation, as soon as your 'forge gets back to our office, we’re going to tear it down to see what broke and make sure that we do everything in our control to ensure it never happens again. Your 'forge died so that others may live!


That is both grim and amusing at the same time. :smile:


If you’re playing The Smiths, then everything is contractually obligated dysfunction. Change the music…


I’d love to know specifically what the problem was, actually. Even if it involves some NDA.