Pretty Fun Start-Up Night

Well, I finally picked the little LaserNut up from UPS and got it all setup on the kitchen counter. I wanted to get going to I thought I’d just use the kitchen fume hood as my venting solution (temporarily?!).

I got everything setup and had my wife come down to take a look. I just love this picture of her just looking into it with my little Zeus assisting!

As I was going through the tutorial files, I had her draw something up. She had the words all in one line so I did two traces to break them up and stack them on top of each other. Since I couldn’t rotate the tracings, I rotated the plaque vectors to get them a little bit better aligned. Thought this turned out quite nicely, though I think in the future I’d scan it in and process it in Illustrator so I can save out the tracings and use them again later.


Your traces should be added to your personal catalog like any other added artwork.



I looked for a topic that talks about how to actually save the trace, but couldn’t find it. Is it in the GUI?

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I’ve never had to “do” anything. Every trace I’ve made has just ended up there. It may make some difference if you click Trace from the Home screen rather than Add Artwork from within the bed image.


Ahhh…I saw you talking about that and now I see there are two different places to activate the tracing. Thanks! :slight_smile: Gonna try that tonight.


Yeah, give it a shot. Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Holy cricket on a stick! That is the cleverest solution to no windows I’ve ever seen! ROFL! :joy::rofl:

Great looking plaque too! :grinning:

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Nice stove!!! Glad you found a way to get a test run in, too!

Forgot what a clean GF looks like. Rekindles that slight sense of anticipation for my Pro email.


I wish your wife would livestream your Pro delivery so we could see you all giddy :wink: and happy cakeday!


Ditto! I wanna see that smile again! :wink:


Glowforge looks cool, but I’d take the range and vent setup. Finally, a island range in a kitchen that has a real vent!


Best Glowforge placement ever. I suggest keeping it right there in the kitchen.


Haha! Yeah I bet! It came with the house when we bought it. Previous owner worked at SubZero/Wolf. I’ve really come to like them and fear when we have to move we’ll have to downgrade…but I don’t use them as much as I should :confused:

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Hey Christopher. Good to see you did the kitchen fume hood Solution exactly as i planned to do! Are you satisfied with the venting or did you run into any issues?

Im getting my glowforge tomorrow and read today in the manual, that you shouldnt use a vent to extend the length of the hose… now im a little bit concerned…